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Silent Temple Live Footage surfaces!

Live from the Sacred Woodlands of the Pacific Northwest of Turtle Island. Coniferous forest soul show! Studio version from the full album “Marvelers of Creation” released 2020:

Silent Temple and Flying Caravan live at Riverhouse Studio!

Silent Temple‘s 4th studio album, “Marvelers of Creation” was recorded and mixed at Riverhouse Studios in Sept. 2020. On August 13th of 2021 they shall return to revisit the album live, and journey on to new folk-soul ground. Check out below the band’s most… Continue Reading “Silent Temple and Flying Caravan live at Riverhouse Studio!”

Eikthyrnir live footage surfaces from the Treetemple archives

The Seeress’ vision of destruction she spoke unto to Aesir, as sung by Eikthyrnir in the year 2015.More of this concert to come on the TreeTemple youtube channel:

“Marvelers” First Review on ProgPlanet!

The proprietor of the music review site “Prog Planet”, Geoff Penn, recently posted a glowing review of Silent Temple’s latest album. Thanks and Hails Mr. Penn! Goeff declares, “The high level of compositional and vocal musical arrangements are truly amazing, this is certainly a… Continue Reading ““Marvelers” First Review on ProgPlanet!”

Marvelers of Creation – New Silent Temple double LP out now!

2 years of the accumulated efforts of Amos, Mike, and the musicians they gathered and trained can be heard on Silent Temple’s triumphant new album, “Marvelers of Creation”. With music on a grander scale than ever before, yet with more subtlety and grace, these… Continue Reading “Marvelers of Creation – New Silent Temple double LP out now!”

Loving Dancing, Forest Journeying, “Like the wind spiraling”

“Like the wind spiraling” This month’s Bizarre Bazzar, where creatives of all walks gather to share and inspire: Curated by the wondrous soul Natty Isabell, who now sings praises with Silent Temple, this magical convergence will be blown open by Silent Temple’s sonic… Continue Reading “Loving Dancing, Forest Journeying, “Like the wind spiraling””

Musical Family, Old and New

Ye who wake, marvelers of creation! Our next performance will be held at Turn Turn Turn on Jan. 22nd.  Alongside the magical psych-folk Flying Caravan, touring composer Hope Littwin (, and YOU, we will be opening deep the portals to Love, Hope, Groovybeauty and… Continue Reading “Musical Family, Old and New”

On the Raven’s Wing

More accurately IN the Raven’s Wing Magical Co. on the south end of Portland, Silent Temple will be performing Saturday Dec. 7th. Free Admission

Physical (CD) release of Where The Waters Run Clear by Silent Temple

Available for purchase here: or from the Silent Temple bazaar wherever you catch us out in the world. The lovely folks at Astro Audio PDX ( ) do excellent print work. You can now hold this album in your hands, for those… Continue Reading “Physical (CD) release of Where The Waters Run Clear by Silent Temple”

Sacred Forests and City Streets

July 13th, 2019Mount Tabor, Push Play Piano Afternoon