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Sacred Forests and City Streets

Recently Silent Temple has begun making the world their stage, playing on the streets of Portland OR, and on certain occasions, in the Sacred Forest, from whence our music hath wended. Follow this blog/website, treetemplemusic @ Instagram, and/or Silent Temple @ Facebook for info.… Continue Reading “Sacred Forests and City Streets”

Silent Temple’s Portland Debut

Joined by the extremely talented Audrey Howl (lead guitar) and Harrison Games (drums), Silent Temple’s first performance on the West coast will be as the host of a funk/rock/prog jam session at renowned rock venue Dante’s in Downtown Portland. While Silent Temple is a… Continue Reading “Silent Temple’s Portland Debut”

New Iarwain track released Played in the Tower of the Heron Goddess Loefiir as her recently deceased daughter haunted its halls.

Journey to the West

2015 saw the first tour of Chicago-based Folk Metal band Eikthyrnir. Beginning in the Midwest and continuing throughout the continental US West Coast, we saw many grand scenes and met even more wonderful, passionate and supportive people. Once I had witnessed the majestic Pacific… Continue Reading “Journey to the West”