Progressive Folk Metal adventurers

Booking contact: Eikthyrnir is currently on hiatus. Contact Amos at amoshartmusic@gmail.com for inquiries.

Merch available at https://eikthyrnir.bandcamp.com/merch

Eikthyrnir the hart
Eateth off Laerath’s limbs
drops from his horns in Hvergelmir fall
thence wend all the waters their way

Faring listeners through a realm of magic, trolls, crystals, and endless landscapes, Eikthyrnir has told epic musical tales across the US and Canada, the future only to bring them further…

“Beyond Fantasia”


Through The Magic Mirror Gate
Released Summer 2015. Artwork by Liam Garner

Under The Old Oak Tree
Released Autumn 2014. Artwork by Kai Movagh

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