Silent Temple

Progressive Folk Soul by composer and multi-instrumentalist Amos Hart.

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Waiting deep within the Forest with songs of praise for Mother Earth, and questions for her children.
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Blessed be to the Sacred Woodlands!
New album “Marvelers of Creation” out now!

Upcoming Performances

  • The Fantasy Forest – TBA

“Go Away”

“Fantasy Revealed”

“Forest Glade”

At Turn Turn Turn

At the Bizarre Bazaar


Marvelers of Creation
Released Late Autumn 2020. Artwork by the sacred woodlands

Where The Waters Run Clear
Released Summer 2018. Artwork by Kai Movagh

Place Of The Forgotten
Released Spring 2015. Artwork by Kai Movagh

Released Autumn 2013. Photo by Berenice Abbott, 1938

Performance Archive:

Early 3rd millennium A.D.:

Mystical Jazz-fusion band SILENT TEMPLE hails the great muses from Portland, Oregon. Directed by multi-instrumentalist and composer Amos Hart, Silent Temple bows to a plethora of styles in their quest to enter the sacred realm at the heart of the ancient forest. Full drum kit and 5-string bass guitar are stones laid for heavy metal bombasm as well as funky dance grooves. An orchestra of vintage keyboard sounds explore the harmonic complexity and movement of classical music and jazz. Meanwhile, electric and acoustic guitars allude to the aesthetics of classic rock and folk music.

Before plague swept the land in early 2020, Silent Temple had been successfully supporting a vibrant underground music scene together with classic rocker Rossi and her band Ten Spiders, and psychedelic folk star Natty Isabell and her band Flying Caravan. Through this collaboration, Natty and Rossi joined Silent Temple as vocalists, opening the mystic portal wide open as never before.

Joined by the fine arts of Owen Kelley on guitar, the tight, dynamic grooves of Harrison Games on drums, and the furious finesse of Mike Ewers on bass, Silent Temple recently recorded and released their fourth album, Marvelers of Creation, a double album of architectural soul fantasies.

Though currently operating in Portland, Silent Temple began in Ames, IA in 2013 with the release of “Ruins”, a neo-folk metal solo album by a young Hart. Amos has played the piano since before he can remember. Upon discovering the early 90’s prog/power metal scene (Gamma Ray, Symphony X, Rhapsody of Fire), and the progressive folk rock of the early 70’s (Pearls Before Swine, Yes, Malicorne, Kansas), he was imbued with a mission to make epic music with a full rocking band. This he did, releasing a second full-length forest dreamscape “Place of the Forgotten”. 

A few years later at music school in Chicago, Hart recruited Bassist Mike Ewers to the fairy legion. 2018 saw the birth of Silent Temple’s live capacity as a progressive folk-rock outfit, playing various bars and art venues around the Chicago area. Most notably, the band had the honor of opening for Drag-City’s “Faun Fables” in Milwaukee. Silent Temple’s music of these times was captured at Honey Jam Records in Chicago with the album “Where the Waters Run Clear”. 

Months after, the muses called Amos and Mike on a quest to pursue their dreams and musical ambitions out west. The journey from then on is documented on this site.

~Let masters throw down their swords, so that LOVE can guide their hands once more~

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